Minimize Recalls
Impact & Improve Semiconductor Yield

Accelerate Root Cause Analysis (RCA) from days to minutes. Reduce Risk by pinpointing the exact semiconductor wafer of origin and the die position on the wafer.

Industry Needs

Reducing the Scope of Recalls

Limit the scope of Recalls based on accurate data. The Automotive Industry wastes more than $1.4 B in semiconductor warranty claims. This is the tip of the iceberg of a much larger industry problem.

Accelerate the Process of Root Cause Analysis

The Root Cause Analysis is complicated due to the lack of Unit Level Traceability. It wastes internal resources and time which could be used for R&D and Client Projects, and might not allow identifying of the origin of the failure identifying

Improving Future Performance

Throughput and Yield are the key performance factors. A recall will limit those performance factors. Accessing Unit Level Data allows additional analysis, accelerating continuous improvement and avoiding future memory.

Digitho's Solution for the
Semiconductor Supply Chain

Identification with a Datamatrix on Each Die

Using a 2D code, find the semiconductor wafer of Origin and X & Y Positions.

Use the Identification to augment with additional data.

A SAAS Platform for Semiconductor Supply Chain Traceability

A cloud base platform enables the flow of data among stakeholders.

Maintain Confidentiality of Origina and Supply Chain Stakeholders

Innovative Photolithography Solution

Digitho uses a Direct Lithography solution to label each die on a wafer.

Load a file prepared by Digitho into your Laser Lithographic equipment