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Unit Level Traceability

Use Digitho's tool to develop your project. Place one to multiple Datamatrix per die using our simple to use tool.

  • The size of the DataMatrix (100 x 100 micron)

  • DataMatrix of 18 x 18


The DataMatrix generated by Digitho enables you to store as much data as you need for each semiconductor. The label keeps the information confidential and the corresponding key can only be open by someone authorized by your organization


The software platform is design to support the process of developing your project. The tool allows you to test a project. The database is design to follow the life of a semiconductor along the supply chain. The tools allows to search from a picture the DataMatrix on a wafer and return the key.

Digitho's Solution for the
Semiconductor Supply Chain

Identification with a Datamatrix on Each Die

Using a 2D code, find the semiconductor wafer of Origin and X & Y Positions.

Use the Identification to augment with additional data.

A SAAS Platform for Semiconductor Supply Chain Traceability

A cloud base platform enables the flow of data among stakeholders.

Maintain Confidentiality of Origina and Supply Chain Stakeholders

Innovative Photolithography Solution

Digitho uses a Direct Lithography solution to label each die on a wafer.

Load a file prepared by Digitho into your Laser Lithographic equipment