Unit Level Traceability at the Die Level

Each die on a wafer is identical by design to maximize throughput. Usually, no design elements differentiate one die (semiconductor on a wafer) from the next or refer to the wafer number.

The need for semiconductor is die Identification on a wafer with a label indicating the X & Y position and the related wafer.

Die Level Traceability

Die level traceability in the semiconductor supply chain is a powerful solution that provides unparalleled visibility and control over your devices. By implementing die level traceability, you can ensure the authenticity and integrity of your devices, improve supply chain transparency, and achieve a higher level of quality control.

Semiconductor unit level traceability refers to tracking and tracing individual semiconductor units (such as integrated circuits or microprocessors) throughout their entire lifecycle, from production to end-of-life.

This can include information such as the manufacturer, date of production, batch number, and any other relevant details. The goal of unit level traceability is to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and quality of the semiconductor units and to provide supply chain transparency. It is also used to enable the efficient recall of faulty units and to prevent counterfeiting.

UTL Unit Level Traceability