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Die Level Traceability

Car prevention

Future Standards Requirement

SEMI standard E142 is forcing die-level identification for device related to autonomous driving ADAS level 5 (fully autonomous). Other industries are looking for implementing similar regulations (medtech, aerospace, etc.). Note that the Automotive industry highly relies on Unit Level Traceability of common parts using DataMatrix ECC200 standard.

Quality Management & Traceability

At the heart of the Automotive industry. Total Quality Management and other process require traceability and labeling of parts.

Using databases, processes and systems, the industry can maintain traceability at the batch level. However, the granularity level is insufficient to expedite a Root Cause Analysis process.

Complexity of the Supply Chain and Semiconductors in vehicles

According to Porsche Consulting Group, the latest Porsche Taycan (EV) has over 8,000 Semiconductors (Semicon West 2022).

The complexity of the supply chain makes traceability a need, especilliy in regard of Mission Critical components.

Sensors and Traceability

Today, sensors and discrete devices are not able to use digital memory identification such as One-Time Programmable memory (OTP). To enable Unit Level Traceability, labeling is essential.

Before DIGITHO's platform, there was no cost-effective solution for low-cost die labeling.

Tier Six

Recently Tesla mentioned that their strategy was to participate in the supply chain up to Tier 6. OEMs have traditionally worked with Tier One but at arm's length.

Following the semiconductor shortage, the industry is looking for solutions to improve traceability and forecasting.

Wafer Level

Some organization (OSATs) in the supply chain offers Unit Level Traceability through packaging marking. This solution works well in an integrated line.

However, this limits the designer's (Fabless) ability to create the most optimal supply chain for their semiconductor. Digitho offers Die Level Traceability.
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