DigID Software Platform

DigID is a cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that empowers users to take control of microchip identification through the use of laser lithography. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, DigID offers a suite of features designed to streamline the process of creating, managing, and utilizing unique identification files for microchips.

What does DigID Software platform do?

Our platform allows users to upload images for code retrieval, generate customized files for chip-level 2D-code identification, and soon, securely share database views with others. DigID revolutionizes the way microchips are identified, enhancing traceability and quality control in the semiconductor industry.

Look-up Platform

The “Look-up Platform” is a feature within the DigID Software Platform that provides users with a convenient way to retrieve information and historical data associated with specific microchips or semiconductor components. Here’s an explanation of how the Look-up Platform works and its key functionalities.
Users can upload an image or input relevant data related to a microchip or semiconductor component into the Look-up Platform. The platform queries its database, searching for matches or related information based on the uploaded data. Once the query is complete, the platform retrieves the corresponding code or identifier associated with the microchip in question. In addition to the code, the Look-up Platform provides access to historical data about the microchip. This data typically includes information about the chip’s various stages of production and processing, such as its identification, fabrication, dicing, packaging, and more. 
The Look-up Platform enhances traceability by allowing users to trace the history and journey of individual microchips. This is especially valuable in scenarios where quality control and product integrity are critical. It’s worth noting that the presentation mentions that there are ongoing efforts to improve the functionality related to file upload and history associated with microchips. This suggests a commitment to refining and enhancing the user experience.
In summary, the Look-up Platform of the DigID Software Platform serves as a powerful tool for users in the semiconductor industry, enabling them to quickly access identification codes and detailed historical data about individual microchips. This feature enhances traceability, quality control, and the ability to manage and monitor semiconductor components effectively.


Product List

Manage your semiconductor product portfolio effortlessly with our Product List tool. Organize, customize, and access critical product information seamlessly, ensuring efficient data management and documentation. Discover the power of streamlined product management with DigID.

Product List

Product Generator

The platform offers the capability to generate a unique 2D-code for each microchip associated with that product. This code is designed to be used for on-site laser lithography on the microchips.

2D Code Generator
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