Introducing the Programmable Photomask

The Programmable Photomask is a technology used in the semiconductor manufacturing process to enable the direct writing of unique identification information, such as serial numbers, onto individual microchips or semiconductor components. It is designed to fit into standard lithography equipment and serves as a critical tool for enhancing traceability and quality control in semiconductor production. 

Programmable Photomask

Direct Writing Capability

The Programmable Photomask allows for the direct marking of information onto microchips during the semiconductor manufacturing process. This information is typically in the form of alphanumeric characters, barcodes, or other identifiers.

Compatibility with Standard Equipment

It is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing lithography equipment commonly used in semiconductor fabrication facilities. This ensures that manufacturers can incorporate the technology into their existing production processes without significant modifications.

Targeted Recalls

In the event of defects or issues with specific microchips, the unique serial numbers allow for targeted recalls. This reduces the cost and scope of recalls, as only affected components need to be addressed.

Fast Prototyping

In addition to serial number marking, the technology can be used for fast prototyping of semiconductor components. This allows manufacturers to quickly create prototypes and test designs before full-scale production.

Improved Traceability

By assigning and marking unique serial numbers directly onto microchips, the Programmable Photomask greatly enhances traceability. Manufacturers can track the origin, production history, and distribution of each component with precision.

Quality Control

The technology contributes to quality control efforts by enabling manufacturers to monitor and assess the performance and reliability of individual microchips. It aids in identifying and addressing quality issues at the component level.

Counterfeit Prevention

Serialized microchips are more difficult to counterfeit. This serves as a security measure to deter counterfeiting attempts and protect the integrity of genuine semiconductor components.


In comparison to some other traceability methods, such as RFID tags or extensive manual record-keeping, the use of a Programmable Photomask can be cost-effective over the long term.


For industries with strict regulatory requirements, such as med-tech or automotive, microchip serialization using this technology can help ensure compliance with labeling and traceability standards.

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