Supply Chain

Traceability at the die level

Digitho provides die level traceability solution at the wafer level. This ensures continuous traceability of semiconductors along with the supply chain and the life cycle of a semiconductor.

The supply chain relies on a heavy set of databases and processes to maintain a level of traceability to meet OEM specifications.

The supply chain stakeholders, such as the FAB, routinely have to perform failure cause analysis. Unfortunately, in most cases, only a lot of information is available, not the wafer of origin nor the die position. This complicates the analysis, delays the results, and might force mass recalls.

In many cases, the issue is found during the assembly process of the semiconductors at the packaging, the Tier One or OEM assembly. Production will be stopped until the problem is understood. The worst-case scenario is the destruction of the entire lot.

Improved accuracy of die traceability would reduce the risk of total lot rejections, accelerate the Failure Cause Analysis and limit the level of liability of the stakeholders in the supply chain.

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