Digitho is the first mover to provide an economical solution to write a microscopic 2D code using semiconductor-compatible processes.

Our proprietary technology is simple to implement and requires low investment for semiconductor foundries.

2D Codes - High Resolution  18 x 18 Matrix  100 micron x 100 Micron or smaller

2D Code

High Resolution

18 x 18

Maximize Definition and Data

100 micron

The smallest Datamatrix on a semiconductor


The key can only be read through a secured database


The 2D code are randomely created in order to increase the confidentiality

Physical Label

The 2D code is a physical label on the semiconductor.

Key Features of the DataMatrix

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Expedite the end to end investigation process using DataMatrix to pinpoint in the process the failed semiconductor.

Precision Improves Investigation Outcome

The Root Cause Analysis will use significant resources. The lack of precise data such as the X&Y position on a Wafer and the Wafer Number reduces the probability to locate the reason for the failure.

Reduce time required for your FTE to investigate

The RCA is usually done by the team in charge of production and Client R&D projects. Improving the speed of RCA is critical for the management of key employees.

Minimize the Waste of Ressources

The worst outcome of an RCA is a recall of the wafer batch. Aside from the cost of the recall along the supply chain, a new production batch is required with possible redesign.

Manage Risk

Risk has an impact on the bottom line. It can be either on premium or cash. This impacts the company's bottom line and the ability to invest, borrow and grow. Human resources are also affected as recalls and quality issues are the primary source of turnover in an industry where talent is scarces,

Improve your Reputation

Improving your organization's ability to identify a problem quickly and resolve it in a concise amount of time. Providing precise data and information while reducing the use of probabilities is a competitive advantage.